Battle of the Mascaras

Happy Friday loves! Hope you've had a great week and have some fun weekend plans ahead. It's crazy to have a weekend coming up and NOT have something already planned for the wedding. It's kind of sad but also pretty awesome at the same time! This afternoon I'm meeting up with my best friend Kate for shopping and dinner then the rest of the weekend my parents will be staying with us. We're planning to do a little Mother's Day brunch on Sunday!

If you had to pick one make-up item you couldn't live without, what would it be? For me, it's DEFINITELY mascara. Most of the time we were on our mini-moon I didn't wear make-up at all...except mascara. I feel like when your lashes are long your eyes look wide and open and it just changes your whole appearance.

I don't really like the hassle of false lashes and I also think that lash extensions are just way too much maintenance--plus thanks to my Italian heritage I have relatively full, dark, long lashes so I don't want the extensions to ruin my natural ones! In my mascara I am just looking for something that makes my lashes look even more full and definitely longer. I don't care as much about a "separating" mascara but obviously I don't want one that's extra clumpy.

I have searched high and low and I seriously feel like I have tried almost all of the mascaras sold at Sephora at one point or another! I also have tried a TON of drugstore mascaras. Below are my Top 5 narrowed down:

5.) Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill"--this mascara is SO beautiful and definitely gives a ton of length. I find it to be the least "volumizing" of the 5 but it definitely does give a lot! 
4.) Too Face "Better Than Sex"-- this has been a long-time favorite of mine and it DEFINITELY gives a lot of volume. The only reason this isn't higher on the list is because I find it to be the "clumpiest" formula of the 5.
3.) L'Oreal "Voluminous Carbon Black"-- if you are on a budget and looking for a good mascara, look no further! This one is not only the best drugstore mascara in my opinion--it also tops SO many higher end mascaras that are on the market. SUPER volumizing and I love the Carbon Black version for that extra drama.
2.) Marc Jacobs "Velvet Noir Major Volume"-- it was a REALLY hard decision between my first choice and second because they're both so amazing but this Marc Jacobs mascara was actually my most recent discovery so for that reason it gets second place. I find this mascara to be very similar to the Too Faced one (even the wands look almost the same) but without the clumpiness of the Too Faced formula. It's probably the most lengthening of the bunch in my opinion and very volumizing.
1.) Bobbi Brown "Smokey Eye"-- this mascara has been a favorite of mine for probably three or four years consistently. It is my HOLY GRAIL that I always have to have in my collection. I actually ran out of it last month and haven't had a chance to re-purchase and hate not to have it in my possession. It's volumizing, lengthening, literally NEVER gets clumpy no matter how many layers you build up. It's just perfection in a little tube. It might be pricey but it's worth every penny! I have zero complaints.

Hope y'all enjoyed this beauty post! If so, I definitely would love to add more beauty content in the future!


  1. I want to try the Too Face mascara. I have heard so much about it.

    Mich x

  2. These are all such great mascaras, most of which I've tried myself and love. Out of them all, the Marc Jacobs one has to be my favorite and it seems to have established a cult following because nearly everyone these days is talking about it! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend today and celebrating your mom this weekend with brunch!



  3. I do not like false lashes either, I'm scared one will fall off and look like a caterpillar, lol. I cannot wait to try a couple of these. Have a beautiful weekend!!

  4. Better than sex is one of my favorites! I use it and layer it up with others and it still remains on of my very favorite ones!

  5. BTS is one of my all time favorites and I really love DiorShow and the Marc Jacobs ones as well. If I had to go for a drug store option I would choose Maybelline's Lash Sensational. Love that one so much!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I've been looking for a great new mascara! Going to have to give your suggestions a try, thanks girl! xx


  7. I've always had good luck with the Voluminous mascara! I like MAC's False Lashes Extreme, too!

    Zelle | Southern Style

  8. How well does the L'oreal work in the summmer/humidity. I always seem to have a problem with my mascara running even when it's waterproof

    1. I would say that of all the mascaras on the list, the L'oreal one is the most smudgy unfortunately! Only if my eyes are watering though. I don't have issue with it due to humidity!

  9. I am pretty cheap when it comes to makeup and have used L'Oreal Voluminous FOREVER. It's my favorite!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. I love mascara and my favorite is They're Real! By Benefit but I also love Better than Sex mascara. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  11. I haven't tried any of these so thanks for introducing them to me.

    Gemma x

  12. I love a good mascara! I need to pick up that Bobbi Brown asap!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

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