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 Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend. Most of ours was spent at home because it was SO cold. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather coming our way this week! We have been gradually starting to pack. Even though our house won't be done until late April/early May (hopefully) we figure while the weather is crummy it's a good time to get some packing done!

I have been reading like crazy since the start of the year and even though it's a little late, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite books from January. If you like thrillers/mysteries then these are all for you!

1.) The Stranger In Our Home by Sophie Draper: This book had been sitting on my nightstand since last year and I finally got around to reading it. It tells the story of Caro who is somewhat estranged from her family and recently went through a bad breakup. After her stepmother passes, she returns to her childhood home where strange things start to happen and painful memories start to resurface. I'm not going to lie the first half of this book dragged on for me a little and there were parts of it I found really strange. The second half of the book REALLY picked up and kept me on the edge of my seat however, I do think the ending was pretty predictable. Overall rating 3.5/5

2.) The End of Her by Shari Lapena: If there is one book from this post that you do read, it should be this one! I FLEW through this book and was hooked right from page one. Stephanie and Patrick are your average couple coping with being new parents to colicky twins & juggling their day-to-day life. Their lives are turned upside down when a woman from Patrick's past turns up with a startling accusation about his first wife and the circumstances surrounding her death. I truly had no idea how this book would end, there were so many twists and turns throughout. Shari Lapena is one of my favorite authors so you really can't go wrong with any of her books but this one has to be my #1! Overall rating: 5/5

3.) Don't Look for Me by Wendy Walker: I will say this was a very close 2nd for me from this list and another new favorite from the crime/thriller genre. Molly Clarke and her family have a strained relationship after tragic passing of her youngest daughter; so when Molly doesn't return home from visiting her son at college one rainy night, the question is did she leave or was she taken? Her oldest daughter Nicole hasn't given up the search & returns to the small town where her mother went missing only to realize that this town harbors more secrets than most. This book was so fast-paced and anxiety-inducing. I love the way it was written and the ending will not disappoint! Overall rating: 5/5

4.) The Last Flight by Julie Clark: I closed out the month with yet another psychological thriller about two women whose desperate circumstances intertwine their lives in the most unexpected way. Clare is married to an abusive politician and Eva is a dropout turned drug-dealer. They don't have much in common except that they want to escape their lives. When they happen to meet at JFK airport they decide to swap identities and needless to say, it isn't smooth sailing. I really enjoyed this book although it wasn't quite what I was expecting. While I found both of the characters a little frustrating, the story itself was interesting and definitely kept my attention! Overall rating: 4/5


Blog Overhaul + Honest Update


Friends! Today, I have a much more personal post and also just want to give an update on my plan for the blog going forward. I started Rosy Outlook back in 2015 mainly as a creative outlet because I wasn't feeling super fulfilled by my job at the time. I have loved everything fashion for as long as I can remember and I also have always loved writing. This blog was such a great way to combine two of my favorite things and it also led me to connect with so many wonderful women along the way.

Over the last year or so (even pre-COVID), I have been feeling kind of disconnected from the blog and especially disconnected from fashion content. I think some of it has to do with me wanting to save money/buy less and also my interests have just shifted.

On a separate note, I also have been very frustrated with the Instagram aspect of all of it.  I'll be TOTALLY candid here, I absolutely hate Instagram. I enjoy following people and the content they create but when it comes to posting/creating content myself, I have NEVER enjoyed it. I can't really give a concrete answer as to why but it's just one of those platforms where I felt more pressure about numbers, the everchanging algorithm, what hashtags to use, what filters would get the most engagement, did my feed look cohesive, etc. While I know none of those things are important, I'm a perfectionist by nature so it's hard for me to just ignore them. Honestly, Pinterest is the only platform outside of the blog that I enjoy.

So what does that mean for the blog and my Instagram? Truly, I initially thought about shutting it all down but when I went to type the words, I felt overcome with sadness especially with regards to the blog. I cannot believe how attached I am to this blog guys! I love this small community of mine so much. l feel so grateful for the connections I've made and the women that have specifically supported me here on the blog. It feels like such a warm hug when I read the comments on any of my posts! I am also so attached to my actual posts. This blog has been like my diary for the last 6 years documenting so many amazing memories from getting engaged, our wedding, moving to Boston and back, all of our trips together, & buying our first house. This small little space on the internet means so much to me! 

I have said this before but this time I mean it (bolded and underlined lol) when I say fashion content will be taking a backseat and I will be focusing on lifestyle content--home decor/new house updates, faith, books, recipes, fitness, travel (post-COVID), anything really! I feel like I have had writer's block for 2 years and I'm so excited about all of my new post ideas. When I DO post fashion content I have a new approach I'm going to try. I'm thinking once a month I'll share 1 piece, styled 5 ways and that will be the primary fashion content going forward. My Instagram will reflect these changes as well (and honestly you'll probably see me posting a little less over there in general). 

When I was talking with my best friend about it she said it best -- "Just post for your enjoyment and don't worry about engagement. If you lose followers, oh well." That is going to be my mentality going forward. I hope most of you guys stick around but if not, that's ok! I appreciate you following along and am excited for what Rosy Outlook's future holds.

PS-Because of this change in my content, I won't be hosting the Fashion Frenzy link-up on Wednesdays anymore but you can still link up on Annessa's page going forward (her page linked here)!


Styling Cream Joggers + FF Link-Up!


Similar Coat, Tee, Joggers, Beanie, Sneakers

Hi friends! I hope you're having a great week so far. We are just prepping for another round of snow here and let me tell you, I am OVER it. Maryland is so hit or miss with winter--for example, last year we only had one day where it snowed and it wasn't even a lot. That's my ideal winter lol. 

I shared these joggers over on Instagram a few times and I love them! They are great for lounging around the house but they're definitely cute enough to wear out of the house unlike a lot of my sweatpants collection.

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