Meet Kelly Rose. A twenty something lover of all things fashion, beauty, and art. She graduated from Clemson University (Go Tigers!) then moved back to our nation’s beautiful capitol where she grew up. In summer 2018, her, the hubby and their sweet fur baby picked up and moved to Boston for a year and now are making their way back to the DC-area. They just couldn't stay away for long! Kelly considers her style to be a versatile combination of feminine and classic with subtle boho vibes. She created Rosy Outlook hoping to share her style insights, attainable outfit ideas, and to connect with other fashion and beauty lovers alike. 
So what does the blog name mean? Rose is a family name near and dear to her heart. Synonyms for a Rosy Outlook are "bright outlook" or "great expectations." Kelly has great expectations for this blog along with the creativity and positivity it can hopefully bring. 
For business inquiries, opportunities for collaboration, advertising, etc. please email me at

All opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I'm in DC as well! I would love to meet up & blog gossip! Maybe even coordinate picture taking!!

    C's Collection

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Sorry I am just getting around to see this! I would love that! If you want to email me we can swap numbers!

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