Capsule Approach to the Nsale + My Honest Opinion


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Hi friends! Just going to jump right into today's post since it's longer. I didn't really cover the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year because I only bought 2 things! I honestly haven't been as impressed with the selection the last couple of years and I also feel like they're making it less and less accessible. This year I also only have 2 or 3 things on my wish list. I think me wanting to buy less during this sale is also a reflection of how I have approached shopping and style the last year or so.

Last year I started to take more of a capsule approach to my wardrobe in an effort to declutter and also spend less/only invest in classic pieces I can wear multiple ways. I still have generally stuck to that mindset, although, I will admit that I went a little crazy with shopping this summer just because I've been so excited to have places & events to wear new clothes! My general rule of thumb with buying anything though is "Can this be styled at least 5 different ways?" and is it a "closet gap?" 

While I'm not overly impressed with the selection, I will say that this sale is a great time to invest in a few good wardrobe staples. I wanted to take this approach with sharing some picks from the Nordstrom sale that I look at as closet staples and "capsule pieces" especially for fall and winter, though many of these items would also transition well into spring!

Also, just as an honorable mention, we are going to Iceland in September so these boots and this coat are also on my list mainly for that trip! Just wanted to share if you have any fall excursions planned.

What do you think of the sale this year? Are you shopping?


  1. Yes, I am definitely shopping! Those hoops are on my list. I adore that cute backpack and all of your picks!

  2. I love those jeans! To be honest, I've never quite understood why everyone loves the Nordstrom sales so much - but I'm based in Aus, so it's probably just because we don't have it here xx

    mia //

  3. I haven't been impressed with the NSale the past few years either. It's frustrating how they have it set up now. Such a good idea to approach the sale from a capsule wardrobe perspective. Love all of these pieces!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Your picks are super cute! And I'm with you- the sale has been less and less impressive year after year, and the pressure to buy (and also for bloggers to push the sale by affiliates) is just too much. Your casual approach is perfect!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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  27. The "Capsule Approach to the NSale" involves strategically curating a wardrobe during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My honest opinion underscores the importance of selecting timeless pieces that align with personal style and maximize long-term wardrobe versatility.