Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday loves! Hope you've had a great week. I am definitely SO ready for the weekend after a super long week. I had my big presentation at work on Wednesday (which went very well thank goodness) and this is the first full week of my graphic design class so I'm just feeling a little exhausted! My cousin from Boston is actually visiting with us this weekend so that will be super fun.

It's been a while since I've done one of my weekly favorites posts but I definitely have quite a few I wanted to share. Linking up with Amanda from Meet At The Barre!
Favorite Shoes: Needless to say, these bow mules are on repeat over and over and OVER! No questions asked, you need them in your collection. I also just got these sandals and they're so good!
Favorite Lip Combo: I have been LOVING BareMinerals "Om" liquid lip + Mac "Stripdown" liner. It's the perfect nude lip. Also loving Mac "Cherish" with the same liner. Nude lips all the way! 
Favorite Accessories: My favorite accessories at the moment are both jewelry pieces. I have been wearing this necklace and these earrings almost every day! 
Favorite Article: This article about how to be competitive in your industry and also I discovered Dribble since I'm taking my graphic design course and oh my goodness! If you want to just scour beautiful designs this is the place to be. Super inspirational!
Favorite Outfit Post: I just LOVE Daryl-Ann's style so much. I feel like she is one of my kindred spirits when it comes to fashion and this look is just so effortlessly chic for date night! Do any of y'all have other bloggers who you feel like you totally identify with style-wise?
Favorite Book: I'm currently reading and LOVING The Nightingale. It's about two sisters living in German-occupied France and it's just so beautifully written!
My Graphic Design class is also a random favorite but I am just loving it so far. I had my first session with my mentor last night and he is SO nice and has so much knowledge to share. I feel like I'm totally in my element even though I don't really know what I'm doing yet!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. The mules are just gorgeous Kelly! Glad your presentation went well and hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

  2. Love those shoes!! I tried "Om" at the store last week coincidentally but it just didn't look right on me :( It's a beautiful color though!

    Katherine |

  3. I loved the Nightingale. Those bow mules are so cute and so you! Happy weekend babe!

  4. Can I just say, the mules are incredible! I have also a pair of mules but all red, however now that I see yours, want them also :)

  5. I love these bow mules, they're so cute and the fact that they're in a blush/nude shade makes it even better, since it'll go so well with everything! I've been noticing that a lot of people have been raving about that MAC liner, I need to check it out because I'm almost done with the one from BITE I've been using and I'd like to try something new. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  6. I can't wait to see all that you come up with after you're done with your graphic design class!! I'm loving your mules too :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. OMG your shoes are gorgeous ! I love the bow details. You mentioned about your graphic design class and it seriously makes me want to go for a class too. Have a great weekend


  8. I was drooling over those shoes on your Instagram, definitely summer perfection! Can't wait to hear more about your graphic design class. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Those shoes are gorgeous and I love the hoop earrings as well. Jess at Just Jess

  10. Such elegant mules! I love the knot detail !


    Tamara -

  11. Really need those shoes! SO glad you are liking your graphic design class.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. Seriously best shoes ever!!! The bows totally complete them... Loving all your favorites! Happy Friday!

    Brittany :)

  13. Oh those shoes are adorable! Love the roses colour, perfect for Spring

  14. I have been looking for a cute pair of bow mules like these. I think I may have just found the perfect pair!

  15. That Sam Edelman sandals is gorgeous! I love the cute bow detail!

    Jessica |

  16. Those mules are so cute!!


  17. Those mules are so pretty! Great post, will check out that book :)