My Current Fitness Routine!

Happy Monday loves! Hope y'all had a great weekend. Ours was SO nice mainly because the weather was just beautiful! Lots of dinners/lunches al fresco which I always LOVE! Friday we met up with friends we haven't seen for a while for mucho margs and Mexican. Saturday, we spent most of the day packing and I also got my hair done. I went a little blonder for summer and I LOVE how it turned out! Sunday, they had a little festival near our house with lots of food and handmade goodies so Steven and I browsed that then we grabbed tacos for lunch.

I am pretty proud of myself because the last 2 years I have been very consistent in my fitness. I definitely have seen a big transformation in my body especially over the last 6 or so months! I just wanted to share my current routine and what has been working really well for me. With my current work schedule/life schedule the maximum workouts I can fit in is 4 days a week. Once we move to Boston and we have a nice gym actually in our building I expect to go more though!

Note: Below are just the exercises I stick to most but I do try to switch up my routine a decent amount!
Day 1 (Legs and Abs)
--Leg Presses (15 reps, 140 lbs, 4x) - I do these pretty much every time I go into the gym because I swear that these give me the most results in the quads/booty area
--Standing Side Leg Raises with Extra Heavy Resistance Bands (15 reps, 4x)--I use these resistance bands and typically grab the extra heavy one. I try to alternate this work-out with the leg presses!
--Squats with Extra Heavy Resistance Bands (15 reps, 4x)
 --Weighted Hip Thrusts (15 reps, 4x, 45 lbs)
--Abs: I usually do mountain climbers, planks (with opposite knee to elbow crunch--google this exercise because it's amazing), v-ups on bosu ball, weighted tuck-ups, etc.

Day 2 (Cardio)
--2ish mile run with the hubby and pup followed with some ab exercises at home

Day 3 (Arms and Abs) 
I try to super-set a lot of these exercises to speed things up
--Alternating bicep curls (15 lbs, 15 reps per arm, 4x)
--Lateral raises (12.5 lbs, 15 reps, 4x)
--Dumbbell shoulder press (12.5 lbs, 15 reps, 4x)
--Tricep dips (I use the work-out bench, 15 reps, 4x)
--Upright dumbbell row (10 lbs, 15 reps, 4x)--these are my favorite! 
 --Seated Cable Row (10 lbs, 15 reps, 4x)
--Narrow Grip Pulldowns (40 lbs, 15 reps, 4x)
--Abs: I usually do mountain climbers, planks (with opposite knee to elbow crunch), v-ups on bosu ball, weighted tuck-ups, etc.
At the end, I also usually throw in a few rounds on the leg press machine because like I said before, it does wonders for the legs/booty!

Day 4 (Cardio)
--2ish mile run with the hubby and pup or spin class followed with some ab exercises at home.

What types of work-outs do you like to do?! 
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  1. So impressed with your dedication girl!! You are rocking these workouts! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Oh what a good system you have! You have me motivated to do more leg presses!

  3. No wonder you look soooo AMAZING! Xo Get it Girl!

  4. This is a good workout routine because it has a little bit of everything. Running with your husband and pup sounds so fun.

  5. What a good mix of workouts and focuses! You look amazing, and I'm seriously inspired to get my booty back in the gym now - so lazy haha

  6. Looking fabulous girlie! I found that once I stayed consistent was when I felt the best I had in years. I have a love-hate relationship with tricep dips - ha! <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Love your workout attire!! And you look fabulous! Keep it up girl!

    Katherine |

  8. Such a nice sporty outfit!
    Nice photos too ;)
    Have a nice evening! <3
    Olivia Poncelet

  9. This is a great exercise routine you have! The perfect balance of everything. And this white crop top is the cutest! Happy Monday, Kelly!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  10. wow.. that's impressive.

  11. You go girl!! Youre doing awesome! I also love your workout outfit!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  12. What a workout! This sure looks impressive dear. And you look amazing!

    Jessica |