My Favorite Summer Accessories 2018

Happy Friday loves! Hope y'all had a great week and have some fun weekend plans ahead. This is our last weekend in our house so we have a ton to do! Plus we have my family reunion on Saturday so that will be fun and also nice to see everyone before the big move.

I feel like Spring and Summer 2018 have been the seasons of accessories for me! There are SO many adorable items from bags to shoes to jewelry. My closet is loving it but my wallet...not so much! Thank goodness our Boston apartment has pretty decent storage space. In this post I wanted to share my absolute FAVORITE accessory purchases from this season! Truly everything I have included below has gotten a ton of wear so far and I feel like they will all carry well into next year too.


  1. I wear my circle bag ALL. THE. TIME. Really is the perfect accessory.

    Katherine |

  2. Oh so pretty, I LOVE my sandals like that!! Happy Fri-YAY babe!

  3. These things are so cute! I love the circle bag.

  4. I love those wedges and wish I'd bought them! Good picks.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. I'm sooo digging this circle bag, they're really adorable, so perfect for the season.

    Jessica |