5 Ways I De-Stress [My Tips & Tricks]

Happy Friday loves! Hope you have had a great week and have some fun weekend plans ahead. We are planning to spend our second weekend in Boston exploring more! I want to try to visit the Public Garden and also the South End because one of my friends gave us some great restaurant recommendations there.

Today I wanted to share my tips for decompressing and what I do to cope with stress! I have struggled with anxiety for years and I used to not manage it well at ALL. I would just sit there in my own head letting it fester which would result in panic attacks and it also took a toll on my health in general. We also have obviously had a very stressful few months leading up to the move but there are several things that I have relied on for YEARS to get me through taxing times!

1.) Work Out--I know this might be a cliche answer and I remember a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch and wasn't working out at all, I would just roll my eyes when my mom or anyone would suggest working out more to relieve stress. But truly...I believe it is the main reason I have managed stress so well the last few years! I started getting really into fitness the year leading up to the wedding and I have been consistent with it since then. Obviously I love seeing the physical results, but the main reason I do it is because nothing works better than going to the gym after a really tough day at work. It also helps me sleep better at night!
2.) Get outside for some fresh air--Steven and I LOVE going for walks or when we had our house just sitting on our deck with a cup of coffee. There is something about being in the sunshine that is so good for the soul! I love anything that involves being out in nature which I think surprises a lot of people because I definitely seem like an indoor girl. I will say...I do have limits though which include no sleeping in nature haha! 
3.) Read a good book--I definitely go through phases with reading a ton and not reading at all. Sometimes I just can't get my mind to focus but lately I have been on a reading kick and will do a post soon on the books I have been loving! I find reading before bed to be best because it helps my mind shut out any stressful thoughts before going to sleep. Leave any good book recommendations below!
4.) Pamper yourself--This one doesn't have to mean paying for an expensive massage or mani/pedi although I do enjoy those things--don't get me wrong! The main way I pamper myself though is just by taking a long shower (I don't like baths), lighting a candle, putting on a cozy robe and a face mask and enjoying a glass of wine. Seriously...does anything sound better? I do this a lot on Friday nights if we don't have plans or Sundays!
5.) Cook a fun dinner (by yourself or with your partner)--This one I never thought I would say because I used to HATE cooking but the last year or so I really have enjoyed it. I think it's because I have changed my mindset completely! I look forward to it because it keeps my mind occupied. I also think pouring a glass of wine while cooking helps! If you and your spouse are on the same schedule, it's so nice if you can cook with them. Steven and I really love that! 

Hope y'all found these tips helpful and enjoyed this post! 


  1. Perfect de-stressers you CUTIE PATOOTIE!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

  2. Such a fun post dear. I do pamper myself with longer hot shower too!

    Jessica |