This Weekend in Boston...

Friday date night attire!
Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. We had a pretty fun one especially because the weather was just gorgeous here in Boston! It was about mid-80s and sunny all weekend long.

Friday night, I last minute tried to get reservations at a bunch of restaurants friends have recommended (including the lovely Biana) but unfortunately everything was booked. I ended up finding this restaurant called Trade that looked pretty cute and had good reviews. We actually REALLY liked the food and the atmosphere especially for date night! I got a yummy sangria and a flatbread that was delicious. Steven got a steak that he also really enjoyed. The menu is mostly Mediterranean-inspired which I love!
All blue skies all weekend!

Saturday, Steven and I were both completely exhausted for some reason. It was a busy week at work for both of us last week so that could be why but we ended up having a pretty lazy day. I stocked up on groceries and went on the hunt for a good nail salon near our new place! I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I did gel instead of dip this time because I'm convinced dip is wrecking my nails more than gel ever did!
Sunday, we decided to explore Cambridge more! We first stopped at the famous Tatte Bakery & Cafe for brunch. We grabbed pastries and coffee at a different Tatte location when we came up in April for apartment hunting so I was excited to actually dine in this time! If you visit Boston, I definitely recommend visiting however this place gets CROWDED. This avocado toast was worth the wait though!
I didn't take a ton of pictures but we did walk around part of the Harvard campus and it was so gorgeous. Just waiting for Steven's employee discount to kick in so I can rock a Harvard sweatshirt and pretend I'm Elle Woods!

One other thing I didn't photograph in Cambridge was the AMAZING cannoli we grabbed at Mike's Pastry shop. I had read about their awesome cannolis in a few Boston food articles and I'm so glad we got one. Definitely recommend!

Since it was so gorgeous out and we weren't ready to go home quite yet, we decided to walk around part of the Charles and soak in the views! We had obviously seen the Charles while driving around the city but we never stopped to walk around it and I'm so glad we did. Such a scenic spot!

Happy Monday friends! What did y'all do this weekend?
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  1. So glad you guys had a great weekend roaming around Boston! Sad to hear about the dip ruining your nails - my nail salon offers it and after baby is here i want to try it since it lasts longer! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. How wonderful to be exploring your new surroundings with such great weather. Did someone say cannoli? I LOVE Cannoli!

  3. That first outfit looks so comfy! Love that nail color too. Glad you guys are enjoying Boston!!

    Katherine |

  4. It looks like you had such a great time in Boston, girlie! I've personally never been, though I do have some distant family that live there. I'd love to visit someday. It seems as though the food scene is pretty good too. I'm glad that you were at least able to find some spots that you enjoyed dining at. I'm loving your outfits as always and the gel color you chose, so chic! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  5. Looks like an amazing time!!! The city looks beautiful - I have never been!

  6. I swear Boston has some of the beat food! Im so glad you guys are loving it! You make me want to visit Boston again asap!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles


  7. Great, I think Boston is an ideal place to travel. I also want to have the same experience like you

  8. Love Boston, been quite a few times, the hubster's family live there. Your first outfit is so stylish and the jeans and cami perfect for your day. And did someone say Legally Blonde? Yay! X.

  9. Gorgeous photos! I am loving your white jeans and cami outfit, too. So chic and perfect for a summer’s day outing in the city!


  10. I love Boston, there's just so many beautiful and picturesque things to see. Loving the simplicity of your look dear, and the matching bag and sandals makes quite a cute combo too.

    Jessica |