Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On 2019!

Happy Friday friends! I know--it's been a while since I've gotten a post up on a Friday but I wanted to make sure that I get my sale picks up for y'all as soon as possible. Typically, I do almost ALL of my shopping online (and do the pick up in store option when possible) but this year I actually was having trouble with my card (it was an old version or something?) and had to order a new one. Since I haven't received it yet, I had to go in store for them to look up my card to be able to shop the sale today. Such a pain but it was DEFINITELY for the best--it limited what I bought since the store selection is obviously much more limited than online.

Because I was trying to REALLY limit my spending on the sale this year, I set a budget for myself and I made a list of what I wanted beforehand and I really stuck to it. Unless I see something incredible, I'm not planning to purchase anything else aside from what I got today. I think I found a select few, quality items that will get a ton of use.

My thoughts on the sale this year--
-the sweater selection is just as good as it is every year--the cardigan selection was better I think
-the denim selection is also VERY good but I don't need new denim at all since I got a few pairs last year that are still in great condition
-the shoe selection was very good and this is the area where I had to show the most restraint lol. I went buckwild buying shoes last year so I REALLY didn't need any new pairs. I think the pair I did end up buying (linked here) are absolute PERFECTION though.
--wasn't super impressed by the bag selection
-I never really shop the beauty section honestly so no opinion there--I'm more of a Sephora gal.
-athletic selection is good but I think previous years have been better

My top tips for shopping the sale:
-If you have investment jackets, jeans, shoes, or bags on your list then those are the items you should buy first because they are the most likely to sell out. BlankNYC jackets sell super fast and so do a lot of the hyped up shoes (like Stuart Weitzman, Vince, etc.). The bags also sell out quite fast. I remember last year there was a Rebecca Minkoff crossbody I wanted but I just couldn't decide and by the time I did, it was gone!
-CASHMERE. All of the cashmere items in the sale sell out very fast. There's always a GORGEOUS cashmere vest, scarf and cardigan that gets a ton of hype and this is a great time to invest. I got a cashmere vest 2 years ago (see in this post) and it was a big seller! I still have it and wear it A LOT so it is worth every penny.
-You will see tons of bloggers featuring the lace cami that they sell every single year so it ends up selling out SO fast and it never really comes back in stock. Don't fret--just buy one from H&M or Abercrombie lol. They are the same quality (if not better) and look almost identical.
-While I try to buy all the sweaters I want at the start of the sale, I will tell you that most of them end up getting restocked after the sale. They may not be at the discounted price right away but they do come back.
-If you have anything Barefoot Dreams on your list--go for that first because they sell out FAST.

Ok so without further ado, here are photos of everything I tried on and I noted what I actually ended up buying!

Sweater (bought)--such a good basic and SO soft. I LIVE in neutral sweaters like this year round!
Cardigan, Cami--bought both of these. They are both great quality! The cardigan is heavier than I expected but it's nice!
Cardigan (bought--this cardigan was the very first thing I saw from the sale that I wanted. The color is STUNNING.), Cami (bought in the leopard pictured above)
Henley--this was nice but I have so many henleys in my collection already. If you need a good basic for fall, this is perfect!
Blazer, Cami
These are the booties that I got. They didn't have the color I wanted in store so they ended up having to order them online. I tried them on in black (ordered in Tortilla Suede color) and y'all....they are SO good. They are definitely the best booties I've ever bought during the sale! I wanted to get more pictures of shoes but I'm not exaggerating when I say it was so crowded you could hardly even walk around. I will try to take more pictures this weekend although I'm not planning to purchase any more!

Below are a few other items that caught my eye on the website that weren't in store:

Hope y'all found this post helpful! I probably will do one more post sharing my picks of items that are still in stock when public access opens up!

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  1. You tried on a lot of cute thinks and I love the orange cardi with the printed cami, such a cute outfit combo! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. This was so interesting for reading. Thank you for all of information. I really like pieces that you pick for yourself and how you style it. You look amazing.

    New Post -

  3. I so wish we had a Nordstrom close by - 2 Nordstrom Racks, but no regular Nordstrom. So, I'm super thankful for free shipping! That leopard cami is everything, and I love that it can be worn now <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I'm hoping some of these are still available when I can shop the sale this week!! Love all the cardigans! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. So many cute things! I am in love with that leopard cami!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Such good pieces! I'm obsessed with that green cardi!!


  7. Love the styles you tried on. They look great on you!

  8. Smart to set a budget. I love what you are sharing!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Loving the colors of the cardigans dear. Cute picks you have here!

    Jessica |