My Favorite Shows to Stream [Your Quarantine Watch List]

Hi friends! I hope y'all are doing well and surviving the quarantine. What a crazy, surreal time! While staying home and avoiding contact with others isn't the worst thing, it is really hard to picture this going on for longer than a few weeks. I'm definitely having trouble wrapping my brain around that.

We have tried to keep pretty occupied with cleaning/organizing the house, Steven is really into woodworking so he has been doing that while I paint, we've been going for long walks, watching movies and of course binge watching shows. I thought today it would be fun to share some of our favorites! We have almost every streaming service known to man (or at least it seems that way) so I'll try to cover a lot of them. I'm also going to try to put them in order of favorites and an asterisk next to my top picks that I think mostly everyone would enjoy!

The Office--our go to and will definitely help lift your spirit right now*
Breaking Bad--probably our favorite show of all time*
Stranger Things--one of my personal faves (esp season 1 and 3)*
Arrested Development--another one that is just lighthearted and will make you laugh
Glow-awesome cast and easy to binge!*
Dead to Me--only 1 season so far but we LOVED it*
Black Mirror--some episodes are AMAZING and some aren't so much (do yourself a favor and skip the first episode)
Orange is the New Black--amazing cast/funny/emotional*
Mindhunter--if you're a true crime junkie, this is a must watch
The Sinner--both seasons were great but season 1 was AMAZING
The Great British Baking Show--talk about a feel good show!*
Cheer--LOVED this documentary/show about a cheer squad in Texas
The Stranger--new British true crime series, SO good, lots of twists*
Bodyguard--very fast paced and intense, also love me some Richard Madden
Shameless--if you want to got lost in a show with tons of seasons, this is a great one. You get so attached to the dysfunctional Gallagher family!*
Schitt's Creek--still watching this one and love it, such a funny cast*
Friends from College--we absolutely LOVED this show and were pretty gutted when it was canceled after two seasons. 
Grey's Anatomy--a favorite of mine for years even though the later seasons aren't as good*
The Haunting of Hill House--it's pretty scary (I personally love scary movies/shows) so not for everyone
American Horror Story--figured this was a good follow up to Haunting of Hill House. Also not for everyone because it can be scary. Each season is a different story and Coven + Roanoke are a must.
The Circle--reality TV at it's finest! Couldn't believe Steven actually watched this one with me.
Tudors--I got into this show in college and have rewatched since. The first 2 seasons are the best in my opinion but the whole show is great!
Love is Blind--another reality dating show but this one was SUPER entertaining! The gifs that come out of this show are reason enough to watch.
The OA--it's a little weird but we were pretty sucked in
The Good Place--very cute show and great cast
Gilmore Girls--a feel good, nostalgic show
Penny Dreadful--definitely not for everyone but I personally loved it, especially season 2

Game of Thrones--obviously. Just don't watch the last season.*
Succession--y'all this show is AMAZING. Definitely one of our absolute favorites. Talk about an amazing cast.*
Big Little Lies--amazing cast, amazing story, amazing soundtrack*
Sex & the City--still love re-watching every episode!
Sopranos--a classic. I loved it, Steven not so much.
Westworld--so I'm not going to lie, we only watched season 1 which we loved. But we have every intention of finishing it during this quarantine!
Sharp Objects--Steven also didn't watch this one but it was very good. Very dark but good! Reminded me a lot of The Sinner.
Barry--I personally tuned out after a few episodes but it's one of Steven's favorite shows so I figured I should include it! He RAVES about it.
Chernobyl--definitely not a feel good show and quite graphic at times but the acting is phenomenal.

Amazon Prime:
Downton Abbey--a total classic. If you love historical fiction this is the show for you!*
Vikings--this is what we're currently binging and it's very good so far! It's by the same writers/directors as Tudors and has some GOT vibes.
We still have a lot of shows on Prime we want to watch but haven't yet like Jack Ryan and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia--one of our favorites. The humor is def not for everyone but we have re-watched every episode at least 5 times!
Modern Family--we're currently watching this in the evenings for probably the 3rd or 4th time. I still laugh at every single episode!*
How I Met Your Mother--another one of our go to shows for lighthearted humor*
Scrubs--one of our favorites! We have loved this one since we first started dating and even danced to the song from the finale at our wedding.*
Any and all of the Real Housewives
Seinfeld--basically everyone in my family's favorite show
Friday Night Lights--kind of soapy drama but done really well
Workaholics--this show is definitely more for guys in their twenties but we still laugh so hard.
Little Fires Everywhere--haven't started it yet but planning to this week!

Boy Meets World--forever one of my favorite shows and I still laugh at Eric!
Mandalorian--I didn't watch this one but Steven loves Star Wars and loved this show.


  1. Girl, you dont even know how happy I am to have this list. We aren't really watching TV right now during the day because of work and Sophia, but at night I just started the handmaids tale which is a little dark for now, but that's okay. I just started little fires and really like it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Absolutely love this list and I am saving it! You are so beautiful to create this, many of them I have seen but some I have not so we will covet this!

  3. Great list! I'm currently watching Designated Survivor on Netflix, but there's so many shows on there I haven't checked out. Loving this!

    Anika |

  4. That is one heck of a comprehensive list of shows! I love many of these shows! Thanks for compiling this and sharing it! Stay safe, healthy, and sane!