Ranking My Favorite Brands for Jeans!

Hi friends! This post is a little late today but better late than never. I'm really trying to get back into the swing of posting on Mondays and also after taking all of last week away from my platforms to reflect. I hope you all are doing well and hanging in there with everything going on!

We all have our go-to brands for jeans that we know we can rely on to fit our bodies well. It's so exciting when you find a brand (or multiple) that is just right for you. It's like hitting the jackpot! I thought today it would be fun to share my 5 favorite brands and why I love them so much especially if you're looking to add to your collection. There has definitely been a lot of trial and error.

I can tell you a few popular brands that don't work for me. Unfortunately, even though I think their jeans are adorable, I am 100% in between sizes at Express. My friends all love their jeans but I have never found any pair that works for my body! I used to LOVE Topshop jeans and I still wear my black Jamie jeans all the time but those are the only Topshop jeans that work for me these days. I definitely am very in between sizes (and typically have to size up 1-2  sizes) when I've tried any of their jeans on recently.

1.) Abercrombie - I discovered my obsession with Abercrombie jeans last summer when I ordered a pair of white jeans from them. They fit SO well AND were incredibly soft/comfortable so that just kicked off the obsession. The price is right ranging anywhere from $50-$80 and they have SO many styles to choose from. I also have a few pairs of jean shorts from them that are also adorable. One thing I will say is depending on the style my size can vary. In their high-waisted skinny jeans, I wear my normal size but in their mom jeans I have to size down.

2.) J.Crew - I have loved their jeans for years and one pair from them in particular (photo above) is probably my favorite pair in my closet! They have such a flattering fit and I find that while they have similar styles to Madewell, J.Crew jeans fit me better. Their jeans can be a little pricey but I almost always buy then when they're having a sale! I wear my usual size in their jeans.

3.) Loft - I only have 2 pairs of jeans from Loft but I ADORE how they fit and am so glad I discovered their jeans a few years ago. Loft isn't really one of those stores where I would think to purchase denim but if y'all haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend. My sizing is a LITTLE weird in Loft jeans. Sometimes I wear my usual size and sometimes I have to size down so I typically have to try these on in store before purchasing.

4.) Madewell - I know everyone LOVES Madewell jeans and I do too, however, I HAVE to try them on in store because I really struggle finding my right size. I generally have to buy their petite styles but not always...and sometimes I'm my usual size but sometimes I have to size down. It makes it difficult but I still wanted to include them on this list because I do LOVE the various styles they offer and the quality really is great!

5.) Pilcro (Anthropologie) - Okay so full-disclosure, I only own one pair from this brand and have tried on a few other pairs in store that I didn't end up buying but these jeans really are great! I love the styles the offer and considering they are from Anthro, the price is really good. They also are very stretchy and comfortable so they're easy to wear all day. I wear my usual size and typically get them in the petite style.

Honorable mention--I just got these jeans in the mail from Old Navy (my first/only pair of Old Navy jeans so far) and OMG I am OBSESSED. Definitely will be purchasing more jeans from them in the future! 

Do you guys have any brands that you LOVE for jeans?


  1. I tend to gravitate towards ann taylor jeans because I love the fit, but I really want to try Madewell! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. oh wow great post! I don't have any specific brands for jeans because I feel like its so hard to find the perfect fit sometimes but I will be checking these out!

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