My Nsale 2020 Wish List!

Color-block Cardi, Snake Booties, Blazer, Scarf, Skirt, Jeans, White Booties, BB Cosmetic Set, OTS Sweater

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was actually more social than usual (while still being safe of course). Two of my best friends have been really good about social distancing so we've been seeing each other somewhat often but we're usually outside. On Friday, we spent the evening hanging out at the pool with drinks and food. It was so nice! Saturday was just a really lazy day, Steven and I spent most of it around the house. Sunday, we saw my cousin and her boyfriend for the first time since COVID started and we went for a long walk around a lake near our house. It's nice finding activities where you can see people and still feel comfortable!

I posted a poll on my stories yesterday asking if y'all wanted to see a book review or my Nsale wish list and most of you voted for the wish list! I'll still get my book review up in the next week or so. Even though I am just "insider" status meaning I can shop the sale starting Weds, I was actually invited by our local Nordstrom to shop the sale in-store starting today. Not entirely sure if I actually will since I don't know how comfortable I am with shopping in stores. I'm sure they're taking all the precautions its just my comfort level! The top 2 items on my wish list are this Madewell color-block cardigan and also the snake-print version of my favorite Vince Camuto booties. I'm not typically super into color-blocking but I LOVE that this cardigan is all neutrals. 

One other thing I saw on the site this weekend that I didn't include in my wish list above is this suede jacket. While I do have my BlankNYC suede jacket that I love, it is a little stiff & more cropped. I want one that fits well over knits and this one caught my eye because the suede looks more flexible and soft.

What are some items on your wish list? Have you already started shopping the sale? 

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