My Favorite True Crime Podcasts!


Hi friends! I hope you guys are having a great week so far. I don't know about you but work has definitely really amped up the last few weeks so I have been super busy! Definitely feeling ready for a little vacation and fortunately at the end of the month we're heading to the beach for a few days. 

When we have long road trips coming up, I love researching and picking out podcasts for us to listen to during the drive. If you can't tell by my book selections, I am a HUGE true crime junkie and I find crime podcasts to be the most entertaining for long drives. After discovering the Serial podcast years ago, Steven also got pretty hooked. Below I've summed up some of my absolute favorites.

Crime Junkie - This one has to be my favorite from the list because I love the hosts! They have such a great banter and they really do a great job of summarizing the story in an hour-ish each episode. This doesn't follow one specific crime but instead each episode focuses on a different crime, some of which are solved and some are not. I also really appreciate that they do follow up episodes when there have been breaks in the case! After one episode of this podcast, you will surely be hooked.

Up & Vanished - We only listened to Season 1 of this series so I can't speak to the later episodes but we did LOVE Season 1. It was focused on the disappearance of former pageant queen and teacher, Tara Grinstead. This one was also VERY interesting because the podcast brought so much attention back to the case they were able to make 2 arrests!

Dirty John - If you didn't know that the TV show was based on the podcast, now you know! I actually still haven't watched the show but we flew through the podcast on a road trip a few years ago, it's super addictive. It tells the story of a woman named Debra who meets a man, John Meehan, on an over-50 dating site. They instantly hit it off but Debra's family is less than impressed and for good reason. Was John as perfect as he seemed or was he just in incredibly talented con artist? The same producers of this podcast have made a few others like Dr. Death & Over My Dead Body that I am definitely adding to our queue for our next road trip.

A Killing on the Cape - I discovered this podcast when we were living up in Boston and as much as my family visits Cape Cod, most of us had not heard of this case. Christa Worthington, a Cape Cod resident and fashion writer, was stabbed to death in her home while her 2 year old toddler was in the house (I terrifying). While an arrest was made, the decision was incredibly controversial as many believe that race was a large factor in his conviction.

Someone Knows Something - Similar to Up & Vanished, this series focuses on a new cold case every season. I haven't listened to all of them just because we haven't been driving as much lately but we loved Seasons 1 and 2. 

Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders - I was first introduced to this case via Crime Junkie and this one literally keeps me up at night. There are quite a few cases they discuss on Crime Junkie that I can't stop thinking about but this one tops the list. 4 years ago two teenage girls decided to go for a hike alone in Delphi, Indiana and one day later their bodies were found. The craziest part about the case is one of the girls was able to catch audio and a distant photo of the suspected killer. I have been tracking this case like crazy and I can't believe they haven't made any arrests yet! This podcast dives deeper into the case and follows the latest updates.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories - This podcast was one Steven and I discovered on a long trip quite a few years ago now. It's different from the rest of these mainly because it's mainly voice actors reenacting the cases and the ones we listened to were predominantly very well-known cases though they have 200+ episodes that we haven't had a chance to listen to yet. It's definitely a little corny at times but also really entertaining! 

Do you guys like true crime content? Would you be interested in a post on my favorite true crime documentaries next?


  1. One of our sons is absolutely crazy about crime podcasts. I bet he’s listened to all of these, his girlfriend and him even want to go to some in person when restrictions left. I had no idea some do them for the public.

  2. I haven't really listened to any crime podcasts, but I did love Dirty John when I watched it!! I may have to give a killing on the cape a listen to because it's so close to home! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I had no idea Dirty John was based on a Podcast! Hope you get the downtime and recharging that you need <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. Thanks for sharing!
    xx- Nina

  5. True crime for the win! What a great list, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I need to check out Someone Knows Something...Up and Vanished was the very first podcast I ever listened to and I fell in love!