Random Amazon Purchases I Love!


Hi friends! I hope you guys had such a great weekend. I had another great weekend with friends! Thank goodness for warmer weather and outdoor winery seating. We are actually heading to the Outer Banks for a few days later this week and I couldn't be more excited to spend my birthday by the ocean. I definitely am in need of a little trip!

Today I wanted to round up some super random but awesome purchases from Amazon. Let's get into it!

Travel Containers - These little containers are so great for a trip. I just fill them up with my shampoo/conditioner/face wash/etc. and I am all set! I love how compact they are and that they come in this plastic bag, protecting my clothes from any potential leaks. I haven't had any issues with these leaking but you never know!

Curling Iron - I have been using this curling iron since last summer and I really do love it! I was a wand girl for years but honestly, an iron with a clamp is so much easier once you get used to it. I also love that this has heat settings so I can control how much heat I'm applying to my hair. I have a tutorial on my IG reels & Pinterest if you're interested in seeing how I curl my hair with it!

Packable Hat - If you have been following me for a while you know I love hats especially on vacation. This one is perfect because you can put it in your suitcase/roll it up and it doesn't lose it's shape. I also love the width of the brim--it's really flattering! Will definitely be bringing it to the beach with me.

Ice Roller - This is a godsend for anyone who has sinus issues. It's really an amazing product for anyone but I LOVE rolling it over my sinuses and under my eyes first thing in the morning. It definitely also helps with puffiness and lymphatic drainage. I store it in my freezer and use it almost every single day!

Key Ring - Not much to say about this one except it's cute and helps me keep track of my keys!

Food Containers - In our new house we will actually have a pretty large pantry and it's a huge goal of mine to keep the pantry very organized and aesthetically pleasing. Think Home Edit! These containers are perfect for storing cereal, noodles, nuts, candy, anything really! I also love that they come with labels. Once we move into our house, I definitely am planning on doing a whole pantry organization post so stay tuned!

Scalp Scrubber - This scrubber is pretty heavenly. Not only does it feel wonderful but it is amazing at removing product build-up and dead skin. It also stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth! One thing I have also noticed is it REALLY gets my shampoo deep in there and keeps oil at bay longer. 

Did you guys enjoy this post? What are some of your Amazon favorites?


  1. I use my scalp scrubber every time I was my hair and it's the BEST! I'm on the hunt for food containers for the Pantry and those are perfect! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. Love those food containers, I need those for our pantry! And super jealous of your curling iron skills - I'm such a dunce at curling my hair - ha!

    Green Fashionista

  3. Gotta love Amazon for all the amazing finds and fast delivery. I have those storage containers too and they are the best. Need that ice roller and the packable hat! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Oooh, I'm ordering those organizing containers stat! So chic and handy!

    Le Stylo Rouge