Our Favorite Shows to Stream Recently


Happy New Year friends! I can't believe we are officially in 2021. I'm feeling pretty refreshed after 2 weeks of relaxing (more or less) and am ready to get back to being super productive. I said I wasn't going to set goals but I actually did end up privately setting some very realistic but still significant goals. What about you guys? One goal I will share was to really branch out with more lifestyle content over here on the blog so on that note, I'll jump into today's topic.

Last year I published a post on our favorite shows of all time to stream (linked here) but since then we have added so many more to the list that I wanted to share today because let's be honest, we still have quite some time before we're back to normalcy. 


The Crown (Netflix) - I was definitely late to the game on this one especially as someone who is obsessed with British culture & history. I'm only halfway through the series but I'm loving it and I think they did such a great job casting! If you are into the royal family (or even if not) I would highly recommend.

The Undoing (HBO) - This was our most recent watch (we just finished last week) and you will fly through it if you haven't seen it already. I'm a big crime thriller gal (which I'm sure you know if you've seen any of my book reviews) so this was right up my alley. I don't want to give too much away but just know it stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, enough said.

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) - This was definitely one of our favorite shows of 2020. The acting and the FASHION. Beth's outfits were all amazing and I love any story with a strong female lead. Who knew a show about chess could be so interesting?

Bridgerton (Netflix) - Y'all, I finished the first season in two days. If you loved Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl you'll definitely enjoy this show! It is a GREAT romance story and the costumes are gorgeous.

New Girl (Netflix) - the fact that this didn't make it on my original list pains me! It was definitely just an oversight because we have loved this show for years but recently rewatched from beginning to end. I can genuinely say I have never laughed so hard at a show, especially one I've seen before!

Downton Abbey (Amazon Prime) - This was included in my original list but after revisiting it recently and also finally watching the movie, I just had to mention it again here. If you are looking for a total escape and something to warm your heart, this is the BEST show. I think it has officially topped my list as favorite show of all time.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV) - I describe this show as a warm blanket because it really is the sweetest show! There is only one season so far and I can't wait for the next. It's about an American football coach taking over a British soccer team and it's funny, sweet, and has a lot of heart!

Outlander (Netflix & Starz) - I was a little late to the game on this show but the later half of last year I started and absolutely fell in love with this series. I actually read some of the books in college so I don't know why it took me so long to get on board with the show! You can watch up to Season 3 on Netflix and the rest of the series on Starz. It's a great romance and the lead actor is pretty gorgeous!

Mythic Quest (Apple TV) - If you like Always Sunny, then you will LOVE this show. It's a very similar humor although I think it's a little more "family friendly" for lack of a better term. It's about a gaming company and the quirky people that work there!

The Morning Show (Apple TV) - Another show that didn't make it on my original list but I actually had watched as soon as it came out last year. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon who is cast as Jennifer's morning show co-host after a "Me Too" scandal rocks the news station. The acting is phenomenal and I think they handled the subject matter well!

The Night of (HBO) - Another one I missed in my first post but we watched several years ago. After watching The Undoing it reminded me of how much we enjoyed this show and I completely forgot to add it in my post. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your list especially if you love a crime thriller!

I'm going to do a separate post on favorite documentaries because I didn't want this post to be overly long! What are some shows you guys are loving?


  1. I am bookmarking this for sure girl! We always struggle coming up with new shows. We watched about half of these and the Queens gambit was one of our favorites as well! I’ve been hearing about Bridgeton, I will have to watch it for sure!

  2. I always need new shows to watch but with the exception of Outlander I've seen all of these LOL! Shows you how much TV we watch :) I just finished flight attendant on HBO Max which I really liked too! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. Loved the Undoing and The Night Of (throwback! haha)